At almentor, we are proud of the diverse experience each member brings to the team. Our strength lies in this diversity that makes us complement each other. We, collectively, bring a vast academic and multinational experience from several verticals and industries, using what we learned to create valuable development for the whole world.

Khaled Refaat 

General Manager – Egypt

Ahmed Faysal

Educational Media Director

Waleed Zohdi

Technology Director

Randa Mushtaha

Strategic Content Director

Mohamed Marwan

Learning Strategy & Services Director

Sally Metwally

Business Development Director

Ahmed Saeed

Business Development Director

Richard Georges

Brand & Communication Director

Kareem Hassan

Product & Growth Hacking Director

Ahmed Farouk

Finance Director

Mohammed Awad

Education Media Director-UAE

Ahmed Nageib

Growth Hacking Manager

Karim Ali

Customer Service Manager

Amira Ali

Senior Software Developer

Moataz Selim

Testing Team Lead

Mohamed Awadallah

Senior Back-end Developer

Masoud Magdi

Senior Java Developer

Aya Abbas 

Art Director

Haidy Hewidy

Project Manager

Liliane Fahmy

Java Technical Lead

Esraa Emad

Senior Software Quality Control Engineer

Abeer Saad

Senior System Analyst & SCRUM Master

Muhammad Yousery

DevOps Engineer

Sara Ismail

Senior Product Designer

Aya Abaza

Educational Media Specialist

Mohamed Kamel

Graphic Designer

Michael Yousef

Educational Media Specialist

Arsenia Navarro

Accounting & Reporting Analyst

Ahmed Hamdi

Educational Media Specialist

Moamen Said

Partnership Execution Specialist

Farah Ashi

Quality Assurance Specialist

Omnia Abdoun

Admin Specialist

Mohamed Nsr

Front-end Developer

Radwa Elhosiny

Front-end Developer

Madeha Hamdy

Educational Media Specialist

Walaa Sahli

Content Coordinator

Mahmoud Elsarag

Content Creator

Menna Elsawa

Digital Support Specialist

Eslam Kamal

Administration Specialist

Mohammed Saeed

Educational Media Specialist

Maged Omara

Digital Support Specialist

Kareem Amer

Educational Media Specialist